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Why EdRocket?

Provides a world-class teaching & learning experience.

Simple to setup

Get your school, organization going in no time. No need to install any special software etc.

Always available

EdRocket is hosted in cloud, so it can accessed anytime from anywhere and is backed up.

Highly customizable

Customize your LMS based on your practice needs with your logo, custom domain and more.

Designed to teach code

EdRocket has built in modules to teach coding with a cloud based IDE.

Feature rich

From self paced courses, to instructor led classes, learning clubs, hackathons and more.

You are in control

Powerful reporting, and analytics provide all the required information to keep you updated.

Feature rich LMS Platform

Virtual Classroom
Platform provides a virtual classroom for communication and interaction via updates, messaging, event log etc.

Teaching Tools
Teach any subject or concepts with interactive tool and test participant's knowledge with tests and challenges.

Collaboration Tools
Event calendar, task list and discussion forums help streamline collaboration amongst participants.

Progress Tracking
Assign badges, track learning and progress of the event members. Awards certificates upon completion.

Self-Paced Learning

Students learn at their own pace.


Instructors create interactive courses, video based courses and guides.


Students practice by doing exercises and projects.

Get Challenged

Students solve challenges, take quizzes and tests.


Students grow their knowledge, earn points learning and doing activities.

Instructor-Led Classes

Instructor led training, create classes & enroll students.


Enroll students in online or in person classes, even run paid camps or classes.


Enroll learners in classes, assign work and track progress.

Learning Clubs

Create clubs for students and promote collaborative learning on any subject.


Create a club, enroll members, and teach a variety of subjects using our platform.


Students learn concepts using a variety of innovative tools like Flashcards etc.

Learning Materials

Simply add your own content and materials and get your club going in no time.


Our platform provides all the required tools to ensure club members are connected and engaged.


Students participate in hackathons and get exposure.

Challenge Students

Run internal or public hackathons and let students put their learning into practice.

Provide Exposure

Promote learn by doing culture, let students grow and get real world exposure.

What are you waiting for?

Join thousands of teachers and schools making a difference every day using EdRocket.

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